Oh my goodness..

so we got ready and planned for all the kids to arrive at 8:15am.

and waited..

and waited…

and waited….

and waited…..

so Lydia and I went to the gym to stand at the Spring Heights stall and give out some fans – at which most people enjoyed making fun of my English accent and the way I say ‘fab’ it was truly hilarious. Also, one person thought I was from Australia.. what?!

so we had lunch and THEN we had kids from 1:30-6pm and then again from 6:45-9:20pm.

I can officially tell you that I’m so tired. I dealt with a crying 1 year old who I actually managed to put to sleep – PRAISE JESUS. And many other small children!

Camp is going to be so tiring! But I can’t wait! Roll on tomorrow!





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